March 2017
GEOTECH is launching new special effect pigments 

Geopearl C Scattering Sun Gold

From April 4 - 6 the In-Cosmetics global took place in London and the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg. Traditionally these are one of the most interestin...

March 2017
Colour & Effect Guidelines for coatings

coatings guidelines 2

At the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg GEOTECH will launch new colour and effect guidelines for coating applications. These guidelines are based on three...

September 2016

Chemical composition breakdown
Product overview by composition 2

Formulators go through the same process when developing products with cosmetic raw materials. In order to complete all required product data it is essential to have a breakdown of the composition of each raw material...

June 2016

New Metalloy® aluminium pigments

Bottles aluminium pigment 560

GEOTECH is extending the Metalloy® range for the coating and plastic industry.

Non-leafing coated powder for coatings

April 2016

Cosmetic Colour & Effect Guidelines 2017+
Iridescent Paradise Powder 500x500

At In-Cosmetics 2016 in Paris GEOTECH introduced new colour concepts and special effect guidelines based on the anticipated fashion and colour trends for 2017+. 

October 2015

Product data available online

Terms and conditions 500x500

GEOTECH customers all go through the same process of turning different raw materials into a finished product. To provide customers with better guidance in this process and to be in compliance with the latest regulations GEOTECH...

April 2015
Coating Colour & Effect Guidelines 2016+
Coatings 500x500

At the European Coatings Show 2015 GEOTECH introduced new colour concepts and special effect guidelines for the coating industry. These guidelines are based on anticipated trends in the coating industry and are presented in a t...

March 2017
Cosmetic Colour & Effect Guidelines 2018+

Glamorous Classics

At the In-Cosmetics global in London GEOTECH will launch new cosmetic colour and effect guidelines for 2018+. This year the guidelines are divided into three...

September 2016

GEOTECH acquires Paillettes et Pigments
News acquisition PEP

Geotech International B.V. proudly announces that just before the summer holidays a definitive agreement was signed to acquire Paillettes et Pigments Sarl (PEP), a French supplier of special effect pigments. 

September 2016

Technical support that makes the difference


Did you know that GEOTECH has a fully equipped laboratory in Haarlem, The Netherlands? This laboratory is the global center for all quality control activities and technical support for customers.

June 2016


Marketing 560

New website
We are proud to present the new GEOTECH website! This new website allows our customers to have access to digital colour cards of the complete portf...

March 2016
Distributor Award 2015 for Dehisa Cedicam
Distributor Award 2015 500x500

Dehisa Cedicam, GEOTECH’s exclusive distributor in Spain, is the 2015 winner of the traditional distributor award. The winner was announced during the Turkcoat exhibition which was held last month in Istanbul...

September 2015

Plastic Colour & Effect Guidelines 2016-2017

Trendpresentatie Plastics 500x500

This trend presentation for the plastic industry is all about nature's magical appearances like supernova and the bright colours it shows during this process.This trend shows us that anything is possible and there are...

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