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Geodiamond® borosilicate pigments

Suitable for application in cosmetics, plastics, coatings and inks.

Geodiamond® effect pigments are exclusive specialty pigments based on borosilicate flakes. They bring products to life with brilliant colour and glittering effects.

Geodiamond® pigments are coated with titanium dioxide, iron oxide, real silver and more, resulting in unlimited possibilities for formulators looking for eye-catching effects in cosmetics, plastics and coatings.

The product range includes the following types:
- White borosilicate based effect pigments;
- Interference borosilicate based effect pigments;
- Golden borosilicate based effect pigments;
- Coloured borosilicate based effect pigments;
- Silver Ag borosilicate based effect pigments.

Each range offers a variety of particle sizes: XS (10 – 60 µm), S (10 – 100 µm), M (30 – 220 µm), L (50 – 350 µm) and XL (80 – 450 µm).

The White and Interference Geodiamond® pigments out-perform traditional mica based pearlescent pigments in luster, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. They create an exceptionally high visual impact. This makes them suitable for all kinds of colour cosmetic and personal care applications like nail polishes, pressed powders, wax based systems, emulsions and gels.

The exclusive Geodiamond® Silver Ag pigments produce an extremely brilliant mirror like reflection (>88%) and sparkling effect which cannot be achieved by any other technology. The main applications are colour cosmetics (lip glosses, eyeliners, pressed powders and nail polishes) and high-end printing inks.

Geodiamond® pigments also enhance the feeling of depth in coatings and plastics applications due to the transparency of the borosilicate flakes. They are ideal for automotive trim applications such as powder coatings or plastic and leather coatings.

Geodiamond® pigments are non-toxic, water and solvent resistant. They are in compliance with the main regulations for cosmetics, plastics and coatings.

Besides borosilicate based pigments GEOTECH's product portfolio of pearlescent pigments also contains a wide variety of natural mica and synthetic mica based pearlescent pigments.

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