Formulation guidelines for cosmetics

Our customers are very important to us, that’s why we want to offer them the very best possible and consider them as long term partners. This way of thinking resulted in an high level of added value such as support with formulation guidelines and technical training. To be able to provide all kind of additional services, GEOTECH has a fully equipped laboratory in Haarlem, The Netherlands. In this laboratory all products are evaluated intensively on a batch to batch basis.

Next to these Q.C. activities our professional chemists can offer support in helping you formulate the right product or match colours upon request. Furthermore we offer our clients and distributors free courses about formulating with special effect pigments.

Formulation guidelines

 pdf  Personal Care - Soap Formulation GL-150814
 pdf  Personal Care - Serum Formulation GL-150813
 pdf  Personal Care - Scrub Formulation GL-150815
 pdf  Personal Care - Cream Powder Foundation Formulation GL-150810
 pdf  Personal Care - Cream Powder Foundation Formulation GL-150811
 pdf  Personal Care - CC Cream Formulation GL-150812
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Pressed Eye Shadow Formulation GL-160129
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Pressed Eye Shadow Formulation GL-1501136
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Nail Polish Formulation GL-160110
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Nail Polish Formulation GL-160119
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Nail Polish Formulation GL-160120
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Nail Polish Formulation GL-160130
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Nail Polish Formulation GL-1501131
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Nail Polish Formulation GL-1501132
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Nail Polish Formulation GL-1501134
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Liquid Eyeliner Formulation GL-160128
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Lipstick Formulation GL-160118
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Lipstick Formulation GL-1501133
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Lip Gloss Formulation GL-160108
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - Lip Gloss Formulation GL-1501135
 pdf  Colour Cosmetics - CC Cream Formulation GL-160109

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