January 2018
Product Introductions 2018 Plastics

Now a days we notice that the focus is shifting more and more towards synthetic mica and borosilicate based effect pigments because they offer more reflectivity and higher colour purity compared to natural mica.

In 2018 the Geopearl® Crystal and Geodiamond® product ranges will both be extended by 6 innovative products. The new pearlescent pigments are suitable for industrial as well as cosmetic applications. They come in a variety of particle sizes from 1 – 15 microns providing covering matte effects, up to 500 microns for glittering effects. The new products will be launched in April at the In-Cosmetics Global exhibition in Amsterdam.

The plastic examples in this presentation contain 1% special effect pigment, some of them in combination with 1% coloured masterbatch moulded with clear PP. Masterbatch colours used are Black and translucent Red.

New product introductions;

Geopearl® Crystal Soft Bronze 1-15 µm
Geopearl® Crystal Soft Copper 1-15 µm
Geopearl® Crystal Soft Golden Copper 1-15 µm
Geopearl® Crystal Soft Russet 1-15 µm
Geopearl® Crystal Soft Beige 1-15 µm

Geopearl® Crystal Rufous 10-60 µm 

Geodiamond® Pearl XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Gold XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Red XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Violet XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Blue XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Green XL 100-500 µm

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