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Galaxy® holographic pigments

Suitable for application in cosmetics, plastics and coatings.

Meet one of the latest innovative additions to our product portfolio; Galaxy® holographic pigments. Galaxy® provides exclusive glittering polychromatic effects for cosmetic formulations unlike any other product in the world. The extremely reflective and holographic particles will catch your attention right away!

The ultra-thin holographic pigment is based on acrylic polymer and aluminium. INCI composition: CI 77000 and Acrylates Copolymer. The particle size distribution is 20 - 150 micron with an average of 75 micron. The thickness of only 3 micron contributes to a very good skin-feel.

Galaxy® Hologram Silver M is stable in water- and solvent based formulations as long as the PH value remains ‹7. Because of its dramatic polychromatic reflection Galaxy® is mainly used in colour cosmetic products. It is a versatile pigment and can be used in a wide range of finished products such as nail polish, eye products and lip products. Besides application in formulations, the holographic flakes are also perfectly suitable to rub into gel polishes.

Galaxy® Hologram Silver M is a non-toxic pigment offered in powder form. Because Galaxy® is based on water-soluble polymers it can be used as a potential alternative for polyester based holographic glitter.

Galaxy® complies to the main regulations for cosmetics. Please note that due to the aluminium used, this product can not be used for lip products in the United States.

Productname  Particle size Packaging
Galaxy® Hologram Silver M 20 - 150 micron   10 x 250 gram, 250 gram, 1 kg or 10 kg


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