June 2016

New Metalloy® aluminium pigments

Bottles aluminium pigment 560

GEOTECH is extending the Metalloy® range for the coating and plastic industry.

Non-leafing coated powder for coatings
This new series of non-leafing coated powder for coatings possesses high sparkle and brilliant metallic effects but also provides chemical resistance and weather resistance properties by organic treated particle surface. These new Metalloy® products are available in two ranges; one coated with Silica and the other one coated with Silica and Acrylic. This series is primarily used for application in industrial powder coatings, inks and wallpaper coatings.

Non-leafing water based paste for coatings
This series of silica treated products (carrier 1-Propanol) can be dispersed in water, showing high stability in water based coatings, minimum gassing and good weather resistance. These new Metalloy® products are suitable for water based systems and are primarily used for application in paints, paper coatings and printing inks.

Vacuum metallized pigments for coatings
This already existing Metalloy® VMP serie has been extended with two products; Metalloy® VMP010-BG (carrier Butyl Glycol) and Metalloy® VMP010-IPA (carrier Isopropyl Acetate). The D50 of both new products is 10 µm. These products provide a superior brilliance for screen printing inks, gravure printing inks and coatings in general. VMP pigments lead to high gloss and decorative effects similar to metallized substrates.

Non-leafing pelletized for plastics
This already existing range has been extended with five new products. This series is known for the good dispersibility in a variety of polymers. It can be directly mixed with basic plastics, other pigments and additives. The new products are suitable for masterbatches or direct injection molding and extrusion or blow molding processes. These products are recommended for use in plastic polyolefins.

pdfClick here to download the new brochure Metallics for coatings
pdfClick here to download the new brochure Metallics for plastics

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