September 2016

Technical support that makes the difference


Did you know that GEOTECH has a fully equipped laboratory in Haarlem, The Netherlands? This laboratory is the global center for all quality control activities and technical support for customers.

On a daily basis GEOTECH cosmetic chemists offer customers support in terms of:

Regulatory affairs
Knowledge of regulatory issues is important when formulating with cosmetic raw materials. Technical support, information about approved materials and information about restrictions in terms of particle size and colourants can be found in GEOTECH's technical data which is available online. Read more...

Formulating support
GEOTECH can help you formulate the right product and offers customers free courses about formulating with special effect pigments. GEOTECH's team of chemists is more than happy to help you with the development of your formulations. Read more... 

Colour matching
A fully equiped laboratory in Haarlem and years of experience allow GEOTECH's chemists to analyse colourants and/or special effects used in formulations. Thanks to this know-how customers can be advised with alternatives. 

Trend forecasting
Every year GEOTECH introduces new colour and effect guidelines based upon the anticipated fashion and colour trends for the coming years. Customized presentations based upon the anticipated trends are available upon request. Read more... 

Product development
As an innovative company GEOTECH is constantly busy developing new products. Product introductions are officially launched every year in April during the In-Cosmetics Global exhibition. Read more... 

Frequently asked questions
In case there are any technical questions the GEOTECH team is standby to answer them. For the frequently asked questions a special page is assigned on the GEOTECH website. In case the answer to one of your questions is not listed in there, please do not hesitate to contact us. Read more... 

By offering these services we aim to establish a highly professional, long term cooperation on partnership basis with our customers. For more information or technical support please contact Ms. Lieke Boer, Technical Sales Manager, email:

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