August 2018
New HQ offers room for an extended level of service
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This summer GEOTECH successfully moved into its new 2.700 m2 facility at the Emrikweg in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The facility was completely renovated in order to comply to GEOTECH’s strong standards. The total surface area has been extended more than twice in comparison to the previous premises and the storage capacity has been extended with 200 mt special effect pigments.

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Thanks to the new facility GEOTECH is able to extent the level of service, upscaling its current USP’s (Unique Selling Points). GEOTECH differentiates itself on the following points;

  • The application laboratory in the new premises offers more space for processing example materials with effect pigments in several types of finished products as used in the plastic, coating and cosmetic industry;
  • The new fully equipped laboratory is set up more spacious, offering more room for in house technical training programs for customers and distributors;
  • The facility has a storage capacity of approximately 300 mt. special effect pigments. The extended storage capacity also offers more space for small packaging to keep the flexibility in supply;
  • Warehouse and office are now located in the same building which ensures high efficiency in sampling and order execution;
  • GEOTECH's team of well-educated and experienced chemists are always ready to assist customers in terms of formulating support, customer requests and product development; 
  • The certified quality management system is based on the ISO 9001 & GMP standards;
  • GEOTECH distributes its products worldwide in over 80 different countries and has a large network of over 20 distributors who are familiar with their local market and speak the local language;
  • All of the product documents are available 24/7 in GEOTECH's online product database;
  • During the last years GEOTECH became a preferred supplier of several multinationals operating in both the cosmetic and coating industry;
  • GEOTECH is passionate about operating with Corporate (Social) Responsibility & Sustainability (eg member of Responsible Mica Initiative and the ambition to operate CO2 neutral in 2020).

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The opening of the new facility took place in April. The new premises was officially opened by Mrs. Josephine Polman, 99 years old and representing the first generation of the family business. Visitors were given a tour through the facility where several demonstrations and festive activities were held. 

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During the opening Mr. Yahya Babani from Metin Ticaret, our Turkish distributor, received the distributor award 2017 for their outstanding performance. Metin Ticaret is one of GEOTECH's better performing partners since more than 15 years. As one of the major countries in the production of cosmetics and coatings, Turkey is a very important market for GEOTECH. Mr. Babani manages to supply GEOTECH's specialties to high end markets. Metin Ticaret has shown a significant growth in turnover in 2017 and is forecasting a further growth this year. 

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