April 2019
PET free glittering effects

After a period with high demand for matte and soft tone effects the trend shows a focus on glittering effects now, preferably PET free as part of efforts to minimize micro plastic buildup in the environment. 

Water quality, animal and human health concerns are behind the initiatives to stop using microplastics. The demand for environment friendly glitter started last year and is anticipated to follow its increasing way. As a result the sales volume of pearlescent pigments with coarse dimensions (>100 micron) increased by 40% last year. 

The nature of ingredients in consumer products becomes more important. Because of these concerns about micro plastics the industry is looking for alternatives to differentiate from traditional polyester based flakes (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Although PET glitter contributes just a tiny bit to the worldwide water pollution, it’s relatively easy to avoid because environmental friendly alternatives are already available on the market for a longer period of time. 

Where biodegradable glitter has lots of limitations due to stability issues, coarse pearlescent pigments based on glass flakes (Calcium Sodium Borosilicate) and synthetic mica (Synthetic Fluorphlogopite) don't. These coarse pigments, in particular the ones with a narrow particle size distribution, represent the next generation of products to create glittering effects in consumer products.

In order to comply to this market driven demand GEOTECH composed a presentation named ‘PET free glittering effects’ with alternative raw materials which provide outstanding sparkling reflection of light. This selection of Geopearl® and Geodiamond® special effect pigments provides sophisticated glittering effects without negative impact to the environment. The products included are cosmetic approved without restrictions and even more stable than traditional PET based glitter. Flakes with particle sizes up to 1000 µm are included.

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