April 2016

GEOTECH is expanding its portfolio of special effect pigments

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New products mean new opportunities, inspiration and ideas for formulators. At In-Cosmetics GEOTECH is introducing a stunning amount of 19 new special effect pigments.

Pearlescent pigments
With Geopearl® C Matte Silver GEOTECH offers the smallest sized pearlescent pigment available on the market. The new product has a particle size distribution of 1-5 µm which gives a pearly, matte effect. This product is available in a natural as well as a synthetic mica based grade. Besides the effect it offers, this new pigment has the ability to block UV light. Because of its non nano particle size it can be used as an alternative for micronized titanium dioxide. Due to the small particle size of this product it creates an instant illusion that leaves skin looking smoother, radiant and more youthful.

Geopearl® C Black, 10-60 µm, is an innovative mica based product coated with black iron oxide. This product provides high covering in a deep black-blue pearlescent colour. The new black pigment offers formulators the possibility to create more intense, dark coloured shades. Another addition to the Geopearl® portfolio is Geopearl® C Sparkling Deep Gold which has a particle size of 20-150 µm and provides warm, sparkling effects with a unique, warm golden colour tone. This pigment is ideal for application in powders and nail polishes.

GEOTECH’s synthetic mica based portfolio is expanded with a beautiful intense silver/white: Geopearl® C Crystal Super Sparkling Silver. With the luster effect of an oyster shell, the sparkle of a diamond and no regulatory restrictions this new pearlescent pigment offers lots of opportunities. Furthermore the Geopearl® C Crystal range offers 4 new metallic shades in a silky 5-25 µm and a glittering 50 – 250 µm particle size. These Copper, Bronze, Russet and Beige earth tones are coated with iron oxides providing the next generation of intense, metallic pearlescent pigments.

Steel, Sky Blue, Cherry Red, Chartreuse and Rose Lilac are the latest additions to the Geoshine® C product line. The glitter range, Geospectra® C, welcomes a new holographic black and intense red colour. The new glitter flakes are available in particle sizes of 100, 150 and 200 micron. They are ideal for the growing market of loose powders and nail polishes.



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