March 2017
Cosmetic Colour & Effect Guidelines 2018+

Glamorous Classics

At the In-Cosmetics global in London GEOTECH will launch new cosmetic colour and effect guidelines for 2018+. This year the guidelines are divided into three complementary themes; "Creative Nature", "Glamorous Classics" and "Mystic World". This year GEOTECH is translating its new products for 2017 into innovative guidelines based on anticipated fashion.

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Creative Nature


Creative Nature is all about the playful combinations and creative floral inspired imagery and looks while focussing on rustic colours with warm earthy tones. When it comes to mixing prints and patterns; the sky is the limit.

The new Geopearl® C Limonite and Geopearl® C Mauve help enhance the warmth in this guideline while the new Geopearl® C Crystal Silk Black adds a convertible, powerful edge to it. Scattering and glittering highlights can also be accentuated and added with the new Geopearl® C Crystal Sun Gold series which is readily available in different particle sizes.

“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting” – Marc Jacobs.

New product introductions:

Geopearl® C Limonite 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Mauve 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Silk Black 5-25 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Silk Sun Gold 5-25 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Sun Gold 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Bright Sun Gold 10-100 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Glittering Sun Gold 50-250 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Scattering Sun Gold 100-1000 µm


pdfLip Gloss GL-170203
pdfNail Polish GL-170204
pdfEye Gel GL-170208




Glamorous Classics


Luxury and glamour are the harmonizing characteristics for the guideline Glamorous Classics. In this trend great appearances and the essence of being successful are essential. Colours from off-whites and pretty pinks to bordeaux red and dusky green. These opposite colour concepts are inherent to the Glamorous Classics thesis, the tones are combined in such subtle and classy application they will apply the wearer with these confidence attributes.

The new Geopearl® C Skylight series contains the beautiful deep dark shaded pearlescents that are the final requisite to this trend.

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” –Audrey Hepburn

New product introductions;

Geopearl® C Skylight Silver 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Skylight Gold 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Skylight Golden Bronze 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Skylight Bronze 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Skylight Copper 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Skylight Russet 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Skylight Ruby 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Skylight Sapphire 10-60 µm
Geopearl® C Skylight Emerald 10-60 µm

pdfNail Polish GL-170201
pdfLiquid eyeliner GL-170205
pdfGel Blush GL-170209




Mystic World


Mystic World, is mysterious and therefore a real eye-catcher. Glossy Sci-fi materials, holographic and iridescent effects, 3D textures, asymmetrical silhouettes, as well as interesting cut-outs that favor special details, these are just some of the unmistakable virtues in the Mystic World guideline.

The new products such as the Geodiamond® XS series, Geodiamond® Ruby L and Geodiamond® Sapphire L add an intriguing shine to the aesthetic whilst the extra small sized Geocrystal® glitter add a final, lasting sophisticated sparkle.

“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you can see can inspire you” – Grace Coddington.

New product introductions:

Geodiamond® Pearl XS 10-60 µm
Geodiamond® Gold XS 10-60 µm
Geodiamond® Red XS 10-60 µm
Geodiamond® Violet XS 10-60 µm
Geodiamond® Blue XS 10-60 µm
Geodiamond® Green XS 10-60 µm
Geodiamond® Silver Ag XS 10-60 µm
Geodiamond® Ruby L 80-200 µm
Geodiamond® Sapphire L 80-200 µm
Geocrystal® R/R 002x003x001
Geocrystal® R/G 002x003x001
Geocrystal® B/G 002x003x001
Geocrystal® B/V 002x003x001


pdfNail Polish GL-170202
pdfLoose Powder GL-170206
pdfLipstick GL-170207

For more information or trendbox requests please contact Ms. Merel Cornet, marketing & sales at GEOTECH
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Photography by Julien Walkotte

Make-up by Ron Schreuders

Model Creative Nature: Suzanne Mesker
Model Glamorous Classics: Lin He Yu
Model Mystic World: Jaleesa Koelen

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