October 2017

New business premises

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We have exciting news to announce; GEOTECH is moving to a new location! Last month, the owners family signed the deed of purchase for a new facility located in Haarlem. In the past years GEOTECH showed a significant growth. To anticipate on the expected further growth the need for a larger premises became urgent.

An interesting and coincidental fact to know is that GEOTECH’s new facility previously belonged to Engelhard. After the acquisition by BASF the Engelhard premises in The Netherlands was shut down and transferred to Ludwigshafen in Germany. GEOTECH’s new location is a 2.700 m2 facility. In comparison to the current locations the total surface area is hereby extended more than twice. At the new facility the storage capacity will extent with 200 mt.

Because of the similarity in business activities with Engelhard the layout of the new premises suits GEOTECH perfectly. We aim to start operating from the new location during the second quarter of 2018. In the coming months, the property will be renovated in order to meet the current standards. By using solar panels, the most advanced LED lighting and good insulation GEOTECH has set itself the ambitious goal to operate CO2 neutral in 2019.

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