January 2018
Product Introductions 2018 Cosmetics
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At the In-Cosmetics global exhibition in Amsterdam GEOTECH will launch the new products of 2018. As usual GEOTECH translates the new products into innovative colour & effect guidelines based on anticipated fashion for 2019+. This year the guidelines are divided into two themes; "Matte Madness" and "Sparkling Secrets". 

pdfClick here to download the presentation of GEOTECH's new products.

Matte Madness

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Matte Madness is all about soft and matte effects. The sophisticated and classy effects of this guideline are perfectly suitable for use on a daily base. 

The new Geopearl® C Crystal Soft Metallic series will provide you with classy matte pearlescent effects in a selection of gorgeous shades; bronze, copper, golden copper, russet and beige. Also added to the Geopearl® C Crystal portfolio is Geopearl® C Crystal Rufous. 

"In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic" - Iman

New product introductions:

Geopearl® C Crystal Soft Bronze 1-15 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Soft Copper 1-15 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Soft Golden Copper 1-15 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Soft Russet 1-15 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Soft Beige 1-15 µm
Geopearl® C Crystal Rufous 10-60 µm


pdfNail Polish GL-173801
pdfPowder Foundation GL-173802
pdfPressed Powder GL-173803
pdfNail Polish GL-173805
pdfLipstick GL-173808


Sparkling Secrets

Geotech Pigments beauty shoot 20181150 380x570

Sparkling Secrets is a trend focusing on sparkles & glitters. This guideline contains the most outrageous coarse pearlescent pigments for breath taking effects. 

This trend is containing the new Geodiamond® XL range, with a particle size distribution of 100 - 500 micron, and is available in a total of six interference colours; silver, gold, red, violet, blue and green. 

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" - Dr. Seuss

New product introductions:

Geodiamond® Pearl XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Gold XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Red XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Violet XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Blue XL 100-500 µm
Geodiamond® Green XL 100-500 µm


pdfLip Gloss GL-173804
pdfBody Lotion GL-173806
pdfNail Polish GL-173807


For more information about the new products please contact Ms. Merel Cornet, marketing & sales at GEOTECH
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Photography by Julien Walkotte

Make-up by Ron Schreuders

Model : Alexia ter Veer

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