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Big news! In 2019 GEOTECH is launching new and innovative product lines within the Geopearl® Crystal range. The new products will be introduced during the European Coatings Show in Nürnberg.

GEOTECH’s first metallic effect suitable for waterborne formulations! 
Meet innovation; GEOTECH will launch a new metallic effect suitable for inclusion in waterborne formulations! The new Geopearl® Crystal Titanium range is based on synthetic mica flake substrates which are coated with titanium dioxide in a new, innovative way, resulting in metallic rather than pearlescent effects with excellent hiding power. The absence of aluminium in the production process allow these special effect pigments to be used for inclusion in waterborne formulations. For industrial applications such as decorative paints the new Geopearl® Crystal Titanium range offers new styling possibilities. These pigments are ideal for powder coatings in order to achieve aluminium free metallic effects. The new range contains three products, each with a different particle size distribution varying from soft to glittering.

Luxurious golden effects
Another surprising addition to the Geopearl® portfolio is the new Amber range. The Geopearl® Crystal Amber range contains a total of three products, all with a different particle size distribution. This new range is based on synthetic mica and coated with red iron oxides, resulting in an opaque, warm, intense amber gold colour tone. 

Silk pearlescent effects in interference colours
Last but not least is the new Geopearl® Crystal Silk range. This range was already available based on natural mica but because of the ever growing demand for synthetic mica based products it is also launched in the Geopearl® Crystal portfolio. Compared to natural mica, synthetic mica offers more reflectivity, higher colour purity and in interference shades intense chromatic effects.

Geopearl Silk Olympic Gold I
As a result of a rising demand for new intense golden pearlescent pigments for plastic and coating applications GEOTECH is launching the new Geopearl® Crystal Silk Olympic Gold I. This new effect pigment is available in a particle size of 5 – 25 micron.

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