June 2019
GEOTECH awarded with silver for Geopearl C Crystal Glittering Titanium

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During MakeUp in Paris GEOTECH was awarded with silver for the recently introduced Geopearl C Crystal Glittering Titanium. The Millenials FavorITe award was handed out after a selection of the most innovative developments which were registered and elected as IT (Innovation Tree) products. The novelties running for this award were selected by a committee of internationally recognized experts who elect what will be the make-up and skincare products of the future. This selection was displayed on the Innovation Tree during the show.  

This year more than 170 products competed for the Millenials FavorITe award. GEOTECH had the honour to receive silver for the new Geopearl® C Crystal Glittering Titanium, one of three products within the new aluminium free metallic range. The new Geopearl® C Crystal Titanium range provides an intense silver metallic effect varying from smooth to glittering, depending on its particle size distribution. The range is based on synthetic mica flake substrates coated with titanium dioxide in a new, innovative way, resulting in a metallic rather than a pearlescent effect with excellent hiding power. 

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The absence of aluminium allows these special effect pigments to be used in water based formulations. Another advantage is its global compliance to cosmetic regulations, including lip products in the United States. This makes the Geopearl® C Crystal Titanium range unique and provides new metallic styling potential with global approval.

The Geopearl® C Crystal Titanium range contains the following products;

Productname Particle size Synthetic Mica TiO2 (CI 77891) SnO2 (CI 77861) Packaging TDS SDS
Geopearl® C Crystal Soft Titanium 1 - 15 micron 1, 5 or 25 kg carton pdf pdf
Geopearl® C Crystal Titanium 10 - 60 micron  1, 5 or 25 kg carton pdf pdf
Geopearl® C Crystal Glittering Titanium 50 - 200 micron  1, 5 or 25 kg carton pdf pdf


Click here to see the online colour card. 


pdfGL-191003 Peel Off Nail Polish
pdfGL-191008 Bodywash
pdfGL-191009 Lipgloss
pdfGL-190501 Liquid Eyeliner
pdfGL-190504 Nail Polish

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