October 2015

Product data available online

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GEOTECH customers all go through the same process of turning different raw materials into a finished product. To provide customers with better guidance in this process and to be in compliance with the latest regulations GEOTECH has reviewed all product data.

GEOTECH's Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets have been updated and a new type of product file is created for each product range named 'Product Properties & Declarations'.

With the Product Properties & Declarations (PPD) GEOTECH provides customers with additional detailed product information. The PPD files contain details about stability properties, test methods, compliances to regulations, harmonization product codes, packaging sizes, labelling requirements and a variety of declarations to help customers complete their documentation.

The latest revisions of the TDS, SDS and the new PPD files are always available online on www.geotech.nl/service/login. GEOTECH recommends customers to download these files from the GEOTECH website whenever a special effect pigment is used in a formulation. 

In order to access the TDS, SDS and PPD files please send an e-mail to  and ask for a company username and password.



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