Geocrystal® iridescent glitter

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Geocrystal® iridescent glitter

Applications: - cosmetics - coatings - flooring - textile - decoration

Geocrystal® glitter are brilliantly coloured particles of precision cut polyester film which refracts light in a rainbow of colours. The applications are limitless.

In cosmetics Geocrystal® is used as a colour flake in nail polish, pressed powders, lipsticks and gel based formulations. The toy industry uses Geocrystal® glitter flocked into fabrics and suspended in solution. Geocrystal® is also commonly used in screen printing, PVC flooring, wall papers and all kind of decorative coatings to add a touch of sparkle and catch the consumer's eye.

The sparkle of colour changes with each back ground that Geocrystal® is applied to. The base material consists of over 100 thin layers of transparent polyester film.

Geotech produces 20 different types of iridescent glitter. Geocrystal® effect pigments are available in particle sizes from 100 µm up to 3 mm.

Geotech offers a special solvent resistent grade Geocrystal® SR. It is used for nail polishes and solvent based coating systems.

Geocrystal® iridescent glitter comply to the major regulations for cosmetics and toys safety. They are heat resistant up to approx. 80 degrees Celsius.









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