Geospectra® holographic glitter

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Geospectra® holographic glitter

Applications: - cosmetics - coatings - inks - flooring - textile - decoration

Geospectra® holographic glitter is among the finest glitter on the market. The base film, polyester, is embossed prior to metallizing, which gives a unique multi colour appearance. From composition point of view Geospectra® glitter is similar to Geoshine® polyester glitter. Geospectra® Silver provides a holographic effect, without adding any colour pigments. The glitter shows a large scale of different colours by different reflections of the light.

Geospectra® glitter is used in a wide variety of products such as colour cosmetics and coatings. In coating systems Geospectra® glitter give sensational desings to motor scooters, cars and even airplanes. Geospectra® is produced by Geotech in a variety of particle sizes from 50 micron up to 3 mm. 10 shades are available: Silver, Light Gold, Dark Gold, Orange, Copper, Salmon, Red, Lavender, Stratosphere (Blue) and Ocean (Green).

Geospectra® glitter comply to the major regulations in Europe, the United States and Japan. They are non toxic, UV stable, water and solvent resistant and heat stable up to a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.








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