Geofiber® microfibers

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Geofiber® microfibers

Application: - plastics

Geofiber® microfibers are very fine, thin cellulose fiber particles offering special effects for a wide variety of plastic applications. Microfibers are being used as a decorative additive in different types of masterbatches (PP, PE or ABS). Well known applications are household equipment such as coffee machines, waste baskets and electric razors.

Compared to glitter flakes, microfibers provide more matte, sophisticated marble effects.


The product range contains six shades: black, brown, red, yellow, green and blue.
Geofiber® microfibers have a particle size of +/- 500 micron (0,5 mm). Two thicknesses are available: 17 micron and 38 micron.


The main characteristics of these fibers are high temperature and good solvent resistance. Geofiber® microfibers in the colour black complies to the FDA regulations for indirect food contact and can be used for food grade plastic applications. Geofiber® microfibers in the colours brown, red, yellow, green and blue cannot be used for food grade plastics.


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