Geopearl® pearlescent pigments classic

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Geopearl® pearlescent pigments

Applications: - cosmetics - plastics - coatings - inks

pearl® is a range of premium quality pearlescent pigments suitable for cosmetics, plastics, coatings and inks.

The characteristic shimmer of Geopearl® pearlescent pigments has been designed to match the unique luster of natural pearl. The basic structure is a platelet of natural mica which is coated with a metal oxide. GEOTECH offers titanium dioxide and iron oxide coated pearlescent pigments.

Resulting from reflected, refracted and transmitted light patterns developed at the multiple interfaces between the layers, Geopearl® pearlescent pigments provide unsurpassed performence in brightness and colour play from white to earth tone effects.

The product range includes the following types:

- White pearlescent pigments;
- Interference pearlescent pigments;
- Golden pearlescent pigments;
- Metallic pearlescent pigments;
- Coloured pearlescent pigments;
- Colour travel pearlescent pigments;

- Pearlescent pigment preparations;

- Weather resistant pearlescent pigments.

Reflective effects from mat softness to glittering reflection can be obtained by a choice of different particle sizes. The total range contains over 100 products!

Geopearl® pigments are able to create an infinite range of visual effects that capture your eye and give unrivalled elegance to any finished product.

Geopearl® water and wax based preparations are specially designed products for the plastic industry. They have an excellent influence on the throughput in materbatch production. The higher bulk density of the preparations in comparison to the powder form allows a considerable higher throughput in a twin-screw extruder. In addition Geopearl® preparations are dust free and show an improved flowability which prevents hopper plugging.
Geopearl® WR pigments are weather resistant pearlescent pigment for exterior applications. This range has been designed especially for automotive paints and other coating systems for outdoor applications.

Geopearl® pigments are non toxic, water- and solvent resistant effect pigments. They comply to the main regulations for cosmetics, plastics and coatings. Geotech is capable to give support in terms of counter typing and colour matching. Pigments and shades can be analysed in the laboratory to help customers chosing the right effect pigments for their product.
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