Metalloy® aluminum pigments

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Metalloy® aluminium pigments

Applications: - cosmetics - plastics - coatings - inks
Metalloy® effect pigments are aluminium based pigments offering metallic effects. For each market segment special grades of aluminium pigments are available.

The range of products can be divided into non-leafing and leafing products.

Non-leafing aluminium flakes are evenly distributed throughout the coating film. This structure allows the light to be reflected by the flakes and emitted out through the coating film, enhancing whiteness, lightness, or vividness of films.

Leafing aluminium flakes float and align at, or near the surface of the film, creating an opaque coating with silver or chrome effect. Leafing pigments form an excellent barrier to prevent penetration of corrosive substances.
The product range includes the following grades:
- Aluminium powder;
- Silica and metal oxide treated aluminium powder;
- Solvent based aluminium paste;
- Water based aluminium paste;
- High chrome effect VMP aluminium paste;
- Pelletized aluminium pigments.

The silica treated range are innovative aluminium pigments coated with metal oxides. The product range is ideally suited for colour cosmetics such as nail polish, lipsticks and pressed powders. These Metalloy® pigments offer outstanding metallic colours in silver, gold, blue, green, orange and copper shades.

Metalloy® pigments can be combined with other effect pigments and colorants such as pearlescents and organic pigments. This enables formulators to create new exciting ranges of colours.

Geotech is capable to give support in terms of counter typing and colour matching. Pigments and shades can be analysed in the laboratory to help you chosing the right metallic pigment for your product.

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