The Cosmetic Marketing Group

The Cosmetic Marketing Group (CMG) is an initiative of various non-competing raw material suppliers who aim to improve the service level for cosmetic producers. The founding members are BRB, GEOTECH, Koster Keunen, Sigma Oil Seeds and Sisterna. The idea behind the cooperation is to share knowledge of each members’ products, the cosmetic market and to develop joint marketing activities. This way we aim to improve our service level to customers. 

Challenges for raw material suppliers 

In today’s complex world, raw material suppliers face various challenges: the continuous pressure from the market for new, innovative raw materials; complex regulations, which are in a constant state of flux; and customers’ expectations of an advanced level of expertise. In the CMG, we bring together all our knowledge and share experiences to deal with the continuously changing market requirements and demands. The group members, and the cosmetics industry as a whole, will benefit from enhanced levels of cooperation. 


The CMG introduced five innovative product formulations for various cosmetic products. The formulations are a joint development and based on the latest innovative raw materials.