Distributor award 2020 for IMCD Sweden

We are pleased to announce the winner of the GEOTECH Distributor Award 2020:

IMCD Sweden AB

Traditionally the winner receives a Delftware plate with inscription during the yearly distributor meeting. However due to COVID-19 we had to announce the winner during an online distributor conference. We are happy to understand that the plate arrived in Sweden in one piece and hope to meet the successful team of IMCD in person soon again for a toast.

IMCD Sweden is one of the oldest distributors of GEOTECH. The cooperation goes back to 1999 when Stefan Hansson and Harold van Haren turned the existing cooperation into a formal partnership. During those days the name of the company was still AWL Scandinavia AB. AWL was acquired by IMCD in 1997 but did not change name into IMCD until 2007. All the time the cooperation with GEOTECH was continued.

IMCD Sweden successfully distributes various product lines of GEOTECH into the plastic (masterbatches) and coating industry. Last year they reported a double digit growth in turnover of GEOTECH’s special effect pigments. An outstanding performance considering the global impact of the pandemic. Also for this year IMCD Sweden expects a significant further growth in especially the Geometal® product line for a specific PVC application.


Mr. Marcus Persson, Mr. Stefan Hansson, Mr. Claes Torkelsson and Mr. Dan Andersson with the award.