April 2016

Cosmetic Colour & Effect Guidelines 2017+
Iridescent Paradise Powder 500x500

At In-Cosmetics 2016 in Paris GEOTECH introduced new colour concepts and special effect guidelines based on the anticipated fashion and colour trends for 2017+. 

This year's colour and effect guidelines for 2017+ are divided into three themes: 'Natural Beauty', 'Powerful Colours' and 'Iridescent Paradise'. GEOTECH presents a trendbox which includes the raw materials used, finished products and a variety of inspirational pictures for each guideline.

pdf Click here to download the complete presentation for the colour & effect guidelines 2017+.


Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty studio 500x500

Keywords; Basic, Comfort & Natural.

This guideline reminds you of a relaxed sunday afternoon spend at home dreaming about life goals you want to reach one day. It's an inspiration for simplicity and comfort but still fashionable. This trend contains lots of soft structures like wool and knit. This guideline's motto: "Embrace Simplicity". Nude and natural hues combined with pretty whites are very important in this guideline. Pastel colours combined with these neutral colours will create the soft effects that characterizes this guideline.

Geopearl® cosmetic products from natural and synthetic mica are perfect to soften up colours with a touch of pearlescent. The new Geopearl® C Crystal Silk Metallic range is perfectly suitable for this guideline because of the neutral earth tones and the focus on natural beauty. Geoshine® cosmetic glitter can be used in this guideline too; adding small amounts of glitter can offer a sophisticated sparkle, especially in neutral colours like Geoshine® C Sand or the Geoshine® C pastel matte range.

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" - Coco Chanel.

Formulations Natural Beauty
pdfGL-160101 Loose Powder pdfGL-160106 Loose Powder
pdfGL-160102 Loose Powder pdfGL-160107 Loose Glitter
pdfGL-160103 Loose Powder pdfGL-160108 Lipgloss
pdfGL-160104 Loose Powder pdfGL-160109 CC Cream
pdfGL-160105 Loose Powder pdfGL-160110 Nail Polish

Powerful Colours

Powerful Colours Studio 500x500

Keywords; Abstract, Unusual & Inspiring.

This guideline contains lots of unusual abstract patterns and prints and it makes a strong statement for 2017. 'Powerful Colours' is suitable for any self-confident woman. This trend brings a strong and empowering energy which makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Self-expression and strong colours are important in this guideline. By combining strong colours with each other and colour blocking you will create stunning and unpredictable effects.

The Geopearl® C Intense range is perfect to enhance the powerful colours effects in this guideline and the new Geopearl® C Black is perfectly suitable to make a strong statement with. Geoshine® cosmetic glitter in different sizes and strong colours can offer the dramatic and artistic effects this guideline needs.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe.

Formulations Powerful Colours
pdfGL-160111 Loose Powder pdfGL-160116 Loose Powder
pdfGL-160112 Loose Powder pdfGL-160117 Loose Glitter
pdfGL-160113 Loose Powder pdfGL-160118 Lipstick
pdfGL-160114 Loose Powder pdfGL-160119 Nail Polish
pdfGL-160115 Loose Powder pdfGL-160120 Nail Polish

Iridescent Paradise

Iridescent Paradise Studio 500x500

Keywords; Iridescent, Futuristic & Fascinating.

This guideline is all about the beauty of iridescence. Iridescence is well known in pearl oysters or soap bubbles and due to the intense colours it is often perceived as fascinating. The soft pearl tones in this guideline create marvellous effects. Soft pearlescent pastel hues are very important in this guideline, it shows off in a sophisticated but futuristic way.

Geopearl® natural and synthetic products in interference colours are excellent to create the iridescent effect in this guideline. Geocrystal® iridescent glitter and Geodiamond® borosilicate pigments will bring the perfect sparkle to this guideline.

"People will stare, make it worth their while" - Harry Winston.

Formulations Iridescent Paradise  
pdfGL-160121 Loose Powder pdfGL-160126 Loose Powder
pdfGL-160122 Loose Powder pdfGL-160127 Loose Glitter
pdfGL-160123 Loose Powder pdfGL-160128 Liquid Eyeliner
pdfGL-160124 Loose Powder pdfGL-160129 Pressed Eye Shadow
pdfGL-160125 Loose Powder pdfGL-160130 Nail Polish

For more information or trendbox requests please contact Ms. Merel Cornet, marketing & sales assistant at GEOTECH


Photography by Julien Walkotte


Make-up by Ron Schreuders


Model Natural Beauty: Romae Kochheim

Model Powerful Colours: Varusa Misidjan
Model Iridescent Paradise: Greet van der Veen

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