premium metallic particles for plastics

Geometal® aluminium glitter for the plastic industry

Geometal® glitter are brilliantly coloured particles of precision cut aluminium foil. They are used as colour flakes in plastic applications such as extrusion, co-extrusion and injection mouilding. The particles can be incorporated into colour concentrates, named masterbatches to give elegant silver spots or an artificial marble effect. Well known applications are household equipments such as water heaters, coffee machines, waste baskets, tooth brushes and electric razors. In ABS plastics Geometal® is used in dashboards to create metallic sparkling effects. 

The main characteristics of these aluminium glitter are high temperature (approx. 240 degrees Celsius) and good solvent resistance. 

Geometal® aluminium glitter are available in two shades; silver and black. These glitter are cut out of a 12 µm thick foil. Each colour is available in particle sizes of 100 micron, 200 micron and 400 micron.



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