product range for the coating & paint industry

Special effect pigments for the coating and paint industry

We have more than 50 years of experience producing decorative effect pigments for the coating and paint industry, allowing manufacturers to give a modern and high-quality appearance to a wide range of items.

Main Applications

In order to transform conventional coatings into special and distinctive goods, GEOTECH special effect pigments are used all over the world in printing inks, (decorative) paints, aerosols, leather, textile, plastic, and seed coatings. Applied over basecoats, special effect pigments provide an unlimited variety of eye-catching effects.

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Geotech Quality

Quality control and distribution

We maintain the highest quality standards in the manufacturing and distribution of our effect pigments. In Haarlem, the Netherlands, we have a fully equipped laboratory where all products are rigorously tested on a batch to batch basis and from there, we distribute our products all over the world, minimizing lead times.

Geotech Colour Concepts

Discover the latest colour trends

Our experienced chemists translate the latest colour trends into finished products.

Every year, we launch innovative special effect pigments guided with colour concepts and formulations to help R&D teams all over the world to get the best out of our effect pigments.

Geotech Quality

Custom made blends of effect pigments and glitter

Are you looking for a unique color, texture, or blend?

Contact us!

Our skilled chemists will assist you to identify and test the precise colour, texture, or appearance you need for your application.


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