environmental friendly particles for coatings & paints

Ecoglit® compostable glitter for coatings & paints

Ecoglit® compostable glitter are environmetal friendly particles for decorative coatings & paints and arts & crafts. The product line is based on a polylactic acid (PLA) film which is cut into small particles. Glitter offers high brilliance and a fabulous reflection. The quality and versatility of Ecoglit® particles allows them to be used on a variety of products.

The Ecoglit® product line is available in 8 colours. The particle size of these eco-friendly glitter is approx. 400 micron (0.015 inch). 

Ecoglit® compostable glitter is specifically designed to migrade in a natural environment and as such an interesting, sustainable alternative for traditional polyester based glitter.



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