ultra polychromatic reflections for coatings & paints

Galaxy® holographic pigments for coatings

Galaxy® holographic pigments provide exclusive glittering polychromatic effects.

The extremely reflective particles offer unique styling possibilities for high end coating applications. Specifically in spray coating this producs display’s a fabulous effect.

Galaxy® Hologram Silver M is stable in water- and solvent based formulations. The flakes have a particle size distribution of 20 – 150 micron. The D50 is around 75 micron.

It can be used as a sophisticated alternative for polyester based holographic glitter. Thanks to its thickness of about 3 micron Galaxy® Hologram Silver M can be incorporated into thin coating layers.

Galaxy® Hologram Silver M is a non-toxic material offered in powder form.

The Galaxy® Hologram Silver M is available in packaging sizes of 10 x 25 gram, 250 gram, 1 kg and 10 kg.  



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