conventional natural mica pearlescent pigments for cosmetics

Geopearl® C pearlescent pigments for the cosmetic industry


Geopearl® pearlescent pigments create an infinite range of visual effects that capture your eyes and give unrivalled elegance to cosmetic products. The extensive portfolio contains over 100 natural mica based pearlescent pigments which provide luxury to colour cosmetics and personal care products.

The characteristic shimmer of Geopearl® has been designed to match the unique luster of natural pearls. The basic structure is a platelet of mica which is coated with a metal oxide. We offer titanium dioxide, iron oxide and colour coated pearlescent pigments.

Resulting from reflected, refracted and transmitted light patterns developed at the multiple interfaces between the layers, Geopearl® pearlescent pigments provide unsurpassed performance in brightness and colour play.