environmental friendly brilliant particles

Geonature® biodegradable glitter

Geonature® biodegradable glitter are environmental friendly glitter particles. The product line is based on cellulose film which is cutted into small particles. Glitter offers high brilliance and a fabulous reflection. The versatility and quality of Geonature® particles allows it to be used in a variety of cosmetic products.

The Geonature® product line is available in various colours and sizes. The particle sizes of these eco-friendly glitter are 100 and 200 micron (0.004 and 0.008 inch). Geonature® glitter is cut from a 30 micron brilliant metallized cellulose foil.

Geonature® biodegradable glitter is specifically designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments. Global regulations are complex but thanks to our wide range of colours there are many possibilities to let your products sparkle with this innovative product line.



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