conventional natural mica pearlescent pigments

Geopearl® pearlescent pigments

Geopearl® is a range of conventional pearlescent pigments for the cosmetic, plastic, coating & paint, printing and art & craft industry. 

The characteristic shimmer of Geopearl® has been designed to match the unique luster of natural pearls. The basic structure is a platelet of natural mica which is coated with a metal oxide. We offer titanium dioxide, iron oxide and colour coated pearlescent pigments.

Resulting from reflected, refracted and transmitted light patterns developed at the multiple interfaces between the layers, Geopearl® pearlescent pigments provide unsurpassed performance in brightness and colour play from white to earth tone effects.

The product range includes the following types:
- Silver/white pearlescent pigments
- Interference pearlescent pigments
- Golden pearlescent pigments
- Metallic pearlescent pigments
- Coloured pearlescent pigments
- Colour travel pearlescent pigments
- Water and wax based reparations

Reflective effects from silky softness (1 – 15 micron) to twinkling reflection (50 – 500 micron) can be obtained by a wide variety of particle size distributions. The total range contains over 120 products.

Geopearl® pearlescent pigments are able to create an infinite range of visual effects that captures your eye and gives unrivalled elegance to any finished product.

Geopearl® water and wax based preparations are specially designed products for the plastic and coating & paint industry. The preparations are dust free and have an excellent influence on the throughput in production showing better flow ability.

Geopearl® pigments are non-toxic, water- and solvent resistant effect pigments. They are in compliance with common regulations.

The mica used as a substrate for this product line is responsibly mined. To keep working on a more ethical, traceable and environmetally friendly mica chain we are a member of the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI).

Besides the natural mica based pigments our product portfolio of pearlescent pigments also contains a wide variety of synthetic mica and glass based products.



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