high quality metallic pigments and dispersions

Metalloy® aluminium pigments

Metalloy® is a range of high quality metallic pigments and dispersions for the cosmetic and printing industry. 

In cosmetics Metalloy® pigments provide new styling potential with mesmerizing covering special effects.

The Metalloy® product range can be divided into two product lines:
- Silica and metal oxide coated aluminium powders
- High chrome effect VMP aluminium paste

The silica and metal oxide coated aluminium powders are innovative aluminium pigments especially developed for application in colour cosmetics and printing applications. The metal oxide coated range contains metallic shades in silver, gold, blue, green, orange and copper shades. They can be combined with other effect pigments and colorants such as pearlescent and organic pigments. This enables formulators to create unique colours and effects.

The Vacuum Metallized Pigments (VMP) range consists of aluminium dispersed in a variety of solvents such as Ethyl Acetate, (Methoxy) Propyl Acetate, Butyl Glycol and Isopropyl Acetate.

Metalloy® VMP pigments provide superior brilliance in printing inks and decorative finishes such as nail polishes. It provides a high gloss with mirror like reflection.



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