rich, satin lustre pigments and dispersions

Paracelsus® bismuth oxychloride

Paracelsus® is a range of rich, satin lutre pigments and dispersions for the cosmetic industry. 

These pigments are bismuth oxychloride (BiOCl) based pearlescent pigments that impart a rich, satin lustre. The main application for this product range is colour cosmetics. Due to the soft-creamy feeling BiOCl provides to the skin, it is also used in personal care products such as body creams and soaps.

Paracelsus® is the perfect product to create superior brilliance with a high pearly lustre effect. The products provide excellent adhesion and coverage with exceptional compressibility and binding characteristics. These virtues make them ideal for applications such as pressed powders and lipsticks. 

The range contains 11 different shades in powder form with a particle size distribution of 10 – 60 micron. The Silver Pearl range is available in two particle sizes; 1 – 20 micron and 2 – 50 micron.

Paracelsus® NC25 is a BiOCl pigment pre dispersed in nitrocellulose. The dispersion is specifically designed for nail polish. The product imparts homogeneous brilliance with a high, unique pearly lustre effect.