functional fillers for coatings & paints

Sunrise® mica functional fillers for coatings & paints

The Sunrise® mica product portfolio contains products of natural and synthetic mica.

The natural mica range is a wet-ground product produced from high purity flake mica concentrates by a slow frictional delamination process. It is renowned for its optical properties. The Sunrise® AT mica is mined in the south of India.

Sunrise® Crystal is an artificial mica. This synthetic fluorphlogopite grade offers outstanding colour purity, higher transparency and a lower content of impurities.

Due to its natural sheen Sunrise® mica is the perfect choice for coatings. It offers high UV stability, low abrasiveness and good resistance to heat, weather and chemicals.

Mica is used as a chemical and weather resistant filler in various coating applications. It is added to primers, emulsion paints and anti-corrosion coating systems as it provides durability and helps coatings to resist cracking and checking. Sunrise® mica furthermore helps to increase resistance to water penetration and brightens the tone of colored pigments. 



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